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Using ShipStation data with eFORMz

ShipStation is a proven performer with eFORMz, but you should be aware of certain configuration requirements and its limitations.


ShipStation should be configured in Shipping Label Format to use one of the following formats:

  • 4″ x 6″ (w/ Packing Slip) if printing to a thermal printer
  • 8.5″ x 11″ (w/ Packing Slip) if printing to a laser printer

This is the default configuration, but your configuration might differ. Instructions to configure ShipStation’s shipping label format are at This configuration puts packing slips immediately after the shipping labels they match to, which  has several important advantages.

Use a packing slip template that uses fixed-width columns to make it better for eFORMz to locate data on the label. Follow these instructions to apply the new template:


ShipStation lets you add custom tags to orders that match a rule. If you create a new packing slip template, and want tags to be applied, you must specify in each tag to use the new packing slip template.


Some customers report a font problem that you can fix by adding the following lines in FontSpecs_User.xml in the <PDFInputFonts> area. If adding these lines does not fix the problem, view the PDF document’s font list (Adobe PDF viewer > Document Properties > Fonts) to see if additional font entries are required.

<Font InputName=”ArialMT” CharacterSetName=”WINDOWS 3.1 Latin 1″ FontName=”Arial” Bold=”false” Italic=”false” />

<Font InputName=”Arial-BoldMT” CharacterSetName=”WINDOWS 3.1 Latin 1″ FontName=”Arial” Bold=”true” Italic=”false” />

<Font InputName=”Arial-ItalicMT” CharacterSetName=”WINDOWS 3.1 Latin 1″ FontName=”Arial” Bold=”false” Italic=”true” />

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