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FedEx LTL Onboarding (Ship/FX)

For Ship/FX to connect to your FedEx LTL account, your FedEx account must have LTL activated for the API. You can do this by contacting either your FedEx rep or customer service.

Once you have your account API set up for LTL, a few pieces of information are needed:

  • LTL account number. This is different than your normal account number.
  • The LTL account billing address.

When processing a shipment, Ship/FX requires the following pieces of information:

  • Shipment ID
  • Handling Unit Net Weight
  • Handling Unit Gross Weight
  • Item Freight Class
  • Item Product ID
  • Total Handling Units
  • Item Purchase Order Number
  • Item Volume Value
  • Item Volume UOM
  • Item Dim Height
  • Item Dim Width
  • Item Dim Length
  • Item Dim UOM
  • Item Weight Value
  • Item Weight UOM
  • Item ID

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