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Versioning in eFORMz Projects

eFORMz project (.efz) files are forward compatible and usually backwards compatible when all the features used in the project are in the version of eFORMz on which it runs. Observing the following best practices will help you avoid problems between versions:

  • Development, test, and production systems should be at the same version of eFORMz. eFORMz projects that were created on a newer version of eFORMz and run on an older version might have unpredictable results. Your log file will display the following message:
    “The project was created by a later version (xx.xx.xx) of the Composer”. To remove this message you must save the project in the version that the system is running.
  • eFORMz project files that were developed on older versions of eFORMz and run on newer versions work in nearly all cases, but test them thoroughly to verify that the output is what you expect.
  • You can update a project’s internal version marker by opening the project file and saving it in the eFORMz Composer. Saving an eFORMz project resets the internal version marker to the version of eFORMz that it was saved in. However, this does not resolve incompatibilities that the project might have across versions, such as features that are unavailable in the saved version.

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